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10 Best Places To Eat In Puerto Vallarta

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Puerto Vallarta is a gorgeous beach town on Mexico's west coast in the state of Jalisco. We visited in March 2022 and can't wait to go back in the future. Not only is Puerto Vallarta beautiful and affordable, but the food (and drinks) are delicious. Eating was the highlight of my week in Puerto Vallarta and I'm sure it will be yours as well. Here's where to go for some amazing tacos, breakfast, and churros.

Ceviche at La Langosta, Puerto Vallarta

1. Pancho's Takos

Pancho's Takos was our favourite taco spot in Puerto Vallarta. It had delicious guacamole and al pastor tacos. Their frozen margaritas were also phenomenal. Pancho's Takos is located in Zona Romantica, one of the liveliest neighbourhoods in the city and is open late.

2. Taqueria La Hormiga

For some authentic Mexican tacos at low prices, visit Taqueria La Hormiga, a small street stand in Zona Romantica. Their al pastor tacos were some of the best in the city. This was also the first place I ever tried horchata, which is a traditional Mexican drink of white rice soaked in water with cinnamon and sugar. It's now one of my favourite drinks.

3. Tacos El Cunado

Tacos el Cunado is one of the oldest taco stands in Puerto Vallarta. They have a huge variety and are conveniently located just up the street from Los Muertos beach. From al pastor to pollo and carne asada, there are lots of options to choose from. We ate here several times throughout the trip and also tried their quesadilla which I almost liked better than their tacos.

4. It's Taco Time

It's Taco Time is an unassuming stand just off the Malecon in Zona Romantica with some exceptional tacos. Their mahi mahi tacos were among my favourite fish tacos of the trip. Although in a high-traffic tourist area, prices are reasonable.

5. Fredy's Tucan

Fredy's Tucan is a must-try breakfast in Puerto Vallarta, also located in Zona Romantica. I got the San Sebas Eggs which were amazing and we seriously thought about going back for breakfast several times during the week. Although a little pricier than other options in the city, it's a great atmosphere with friendly staff.

6. A Page In The Sun

A Page In The Sun is somewhere we went back to a few times during our trip because we loved it so much. It's a cafe and a used book store, creating a relaxing atmosphere that invites guests to stay a while. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu is extensive with Chilaquiles (which are delicious), huevos rancheros (also great), juices, coffees, smoothies, and pastries.

7. Cafe De Olla

Another can't-miss breakfast spot in the city is Cafe De Olla. Located in Zona Romantica, you'll find this charming restaurant near Pancho's Takos. It's named after the traditional Mexican coffee, cafe de olla, which is spiced with cinnamon and prepared in a clay pot. Naturally, we tried their coffee which was delicious and also had some breakfast pastries and chilaquiles.

8. Maria Baja

Seafood lovers should add a stop at Maria Baja to their Puerto Vallarta to-do list. We ventured outside of Zona Romantica in search of this fish tacos spot and were not disappointed. The indoor-outdoor seating creates a fun atmosphere and the menu is unique among other restaurants in the city. There are tons of different fish and seafood tacos to choose from. We tried the Baja shrimp and Baja fish tacos plus the octopus tostadas. All of it was amazing but the Baja shrimp tacos were our favourite.

9. Margarita Time/Margarita Grill

Margarita Grill is a fun spot to spend the afternoon or evening in Puerto Vallarta. While they're known for their blended frozen margaritas, they also have some delicious food. Their guacamole was fresh, made right at our table, and the tortilla chips are homemade fresh.

10. Julio's Churros

No trip to Mexico is complete without some churros. A hidden gem of Puerto Vallarta is located in Centro (but it moves because it's a portable stand) and is called Julio's Churros. This family-run stand is just a table on the side of the street where the owners are deep frying dough and creating some mouthwatering churros. We loved trying these churros, it was the perfect way to end a day in Puerto Vallarta!

For more ideas about where to eat and drink in Puerto Vallarta, watch my Top 10 Puerto Vallarta video on YouTube.

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