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A Taste Of Turkey In Toronto

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

It’s not always possible to book the plane ticket and travel abroad to fulfill your wanderlust, but that’s okay! A great way to experience a bit of another culture without leaving home is finding authentic dining experiences that are in your hometown. Lucky for Torontonians, you can find pretty much any type of cuisine in its’ most authentic form no more than 20 minutes away at all times.

Recently I had the pleasure of dining at Anatolia, a Turkish restaurant in Toronto’s West End. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was even better. If you’re looking to splurge on a night out and want to feel like you’ve stepped into a little piece of Europe (or Asia, since Turkey actually sits on both continents!), this is the place to come. Here I experienced my very first taste of Turkish cuisine and will keep going back for more.

We started off with the Sigara Boregi appetizer which is a handmade yufka (thin phyllo) pastry containing feta cheese and parsley. It’s great to share for two or three people and costs $13.95 CAD.

Sigara Boregi

I had the Manti as my main dish which was absolutely delicious; so rich and creamy with the perfect amount of seasoning. I would eat this every single day if I could. These mini dumplings are made fresh, filled with ground beef, and are topped with yogurt, garlic and paprika. The flavours here were reminiscent of Persian and/or Greek cuisine combined, which explains why I loved it so much. It cost $17.95 CAD and was worth every cent.


Another delicious main at our table was the Izgara Kofte, which is seasoned ground beef patties served on a bed rice with salad. Similar to a kebab style dish, this was delicious, filling and costs $20.95 CAD.

Izgara Kofte

Normally I skip dessert and coffee at restaurants in favour of saving a few dollars - but it’s hard to say no to a traditional Turkish cup of coffee. While the tiny cup of coffee was expensive (roughly $4.00 CAD) it was so strong and rich.

For dessert we tried Keskul ($6.95 CAD), which is a light and refreshing milk pudding topped with crushed almonds and shredded coconut, with lemon zest and vanilla. It was the perfect end to an unbeatable meal.


I loved my experience at Anatolia and food that comprises the Turkish cuisine. If you’re looking for an authentic dining experience in the West End, I can’t recommend it enough! I'll definitely be going back for more to try as many Turkish dishes as possible.


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