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12 Foods You Must Try: DIY Greek Food Tour

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

If you’re thinking of elongating your summer and traveling to Greece this fall, you’d better believe that food is going to be a large part of your trip. With one of the most mouth watering cuisines in the world, a trip to the historic country isn’t complete without ticking a few of these dishes off your list.

If you’re on a budget, rather than spending a day on a guided tour, do it yourself! I’ve created this list so you can spend a day hitting up different restaurants in your area and enjoying these mouth watering Greek foods at your own pace. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable the food in Greece is, with a satisfying meal on the go costing as little as 3 Euros.

1. Souvlaki

Souvlaki refers to meat cooked on a skewer, but it can be served on the skewer or pulled off and served in a pita as well. Typically, souvlaki is either lamb, chicken or pork.

2. Gyro on a Pita

Often used interchangeably with souvlaki by those who don’t know the difference, Gyro refers to meat cooked vertically on a rotating spit. It is then shaved off and typically served in a pita with tzatziki and vegetables.

3. Baklava

There are plenty of bakeries in Athens and on the Greek Islands just waiting for you to discover the ultimate variety of Baklava. This layered phyllo pastry will melt in your mouth.

4. Greek Salad

Most people are familiar with the classic greek salad containing cucumber, tomatoes, olives and feta cheese. Naturally, you have to try it.

5. Kebab

Usually beef or lamb, this is a popular Middle Eastern dish served throughout Greece.

6. Tzatziki

Tzatziki can easily be incorporated into most of the meals you’ll eat in Greece, but make an effort to order it once as a stand alone dish and dip some pita bread or fries into this delightful yogurt and herb mixture. It also contains cucumber, olive oil and garlic.

7. Saganaki

Your taste buds will thank you for this one. This Greek dish is fried feta cheese, and though it might not sound that appetizing to everyone, I can assure you, you’ll change your mind once you take the first bite.

8. Moussaka

Italian lasagna’s Greek cousin, moussaka is a potato (or eggplant) based dish loaded with cheese, meat and other vegetables.

9. Pastitsio

Another dish bearing resemblance to a lasagna, this is a macaroni base topped with cheese, Béchamel sauce and meat (usually lamb).

10. Dolmades

This delicious dish is a cabbage or vine leaf, traditionally stuffed with rice and herbs, and sometimes minced meat. It’s served in an egg lemon sauce called Avgolemono. Trust me, you'll be pleasantly surprised by this one!

11. Spanakopita

Spinach pie; this is a spinach and feta cheese filling inside of a light and airy phyllo pastry. A great option for lunch on the go!

12. Greek Iced Coffee

This Nescafe Frappé is the most refreshing beverage you’ll find on a hot Greek summer’s day.

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