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5 Affordable Dining Options in Venice: Don't Sit Down

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Dreaming of Gondola rides, gelato and canals but afraid you can’t afford it? It might surprise you to find out that Venice actually has a few very affordable options when it comes to food - they’ll leave your wallet almost as full as your stomach.

Spritz & Cicchetti

If you go all the way to Venice, there’s no way you can leave without giving this delicious combo a try. In my experience I found Spritz to be the most affordable drink to order in many Osteria’s, costing as little as 2.50 Euros. Cicchetti is great for a quick lunch; hors d’oeuvre style slices of bread with various toppings. Some have salmon, meats, others cheese with olives - there’s plenty of options! It’s usually charged by the piece, each piece often costing as little as 1.50 or 2.00 Euros.


Pasta & Pasta

Fresh pasta to go. One of many, this great shop offers a variety of build your own pasta options at an affordable rate! For approximately 6 - 7 Euros, you can select your pasta, protein, and type of sauce. Enjoy your meal inside the shop or take it away and eat beside a beautiful canal with a view. Vegetarian options are available!

Pizza Al Volo

Located in the Dorsoduro neighbourhood, this takeaway pizza shop is a great option for cheap but satisfying lunches! They offer a staggering number of pizza options in regular or family size, with regular size costing only around 6 Euros. The pizza is absolutely amazing and the square right outside the shop has plenty of benches and shade where you can enjoy a slice.

Make Breakfast at Home

Another great way to save some money without going hungry in Venice is to prepare breakfast yourself at your air bnb or hostel.  With lots of grocery stores around the city, you can purchase bread, spread, fruit and a drink for around 10 Euro, which will last you a few days. This is a fraction of the cost that dining out for even one breakfast would cost you here. 

What can 10 Euros buy you? Four breakfasts like this for two!

Gelato on Brioche

Gelateria Il Doge was my favourite in Venice, but it’s certainly not the only place you can get this mouth watering meal. If you’re on a health kick, you might want to skip this one, but their many flavourful gelato options atop a fresh Brioche bun is definitely one way to fill up. Costing roughly 6-9 Euros depending on how many scoops you opt for, its affordable and satisfying.

Gelateria Il Doge; Gelato on Brioche

If you’re on a budget in the city of Venice, my biggest tip is don’t sit down. In Venice, there is a tourist tax that is added to your bill at most sit down restaurants. If you are dining at a sit down venue, be prepared to pay this additional amount AND be cautious when ordering anything that does not clearly have a price listed on the menu, especially if you’re near a tourist attraction like Doge’s Palace or Piazza San Marco. The best way to enjoy all Venezia has to offer you, is to allow yourself a few authentic sit down meals balanced with these budget friendly options to keep you going as you get lost in the floating city.

Cicchetti In Venezia

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